Dreams of a lover

Anna Marie

I am falling,

I am screaming.

Opening my eyes i see nothing but the darkness closing in,

Rolling rain clouds consuming the blackening sky.

I reach for your hand, 

My finger tips enclose around nothing, 

The fear grips me,

Stretching my other arm out i fall fast,

The wind rushing around me tearing my hair up passed my face,

The heavy clouds in the blackened sky sparking to life as light streaks across,

Unclenching i stretch my fingers out and close my eyes,

The bottom nears and i can hear my name ,

The gentle voice turned harsh as it whips around my face,

Stopping momentarily at my ears barely audible,

yet all i can hear,


I am here.


there is a plac…

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled

a space

and even during the
best moments
the greatest times

we will know it

we will know it
more than

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled

we will wait

in that space

Charles Bukowski


Everyone has a different perseption of beauty. Some believe beauty is purely physical, others believe it resides within the soul. There are a rare few however, that see it within everything around them. In the wind, in the trees, in forgotten lovers and ones not met yet.  A lot of people live there lives and never see past the superficial beauty provided by Rimmel London and Maybeline. So maybe next time you’re out, take note of everything around you. Instead of just looking at the floor as you walk on by, look up at the architecture of the buildings, look at couples smiling quietly to themselves as they walk past holding hands,  look at the hurried business suits rushing on by without taking chance to notice anything and realise that you are now seeing what you’ve wasted for years.

Somewhere between

The chemistries in the kiss. 

Forgotten places lovers met...

A picture i took in peel park.

Between the wro…

Between the wrong man and real guilt there is the realm of people we talk ourselves into thinking could be useful to us… We may find that we are mistaken not only about the identity of some blindfolded men but also about who we are, and what we value.

Amy Davidson

Vintage dreams

A photograph i took on my holga of my hometown, Bradford.